Theodore Edward Bear


“Just call me TED!”


Ted weighs four pounds. His age is unknown. He has no teeth. His behavior tends to be a bit quirky. He loves to cuddle.

Ted was found by animal control officers on the streets of National City. He was malnourished, underweight and covered in grease and scabs. The vet’s theory was that he had been sleeping under cars. The fact that he could survive any time on the streets of National City speaks to his tenacity and love of life.

Ted was neutered and had his four remaining teeth removed at the time of his adoption in November of 2012.

In 2014, Ted was attacked by two dogs at the same time. The leg wound he received became infected. It required daily wet/dry bandage changes. He recovered over time.

In 2015, Ted was attacked again, this time by a wolf-hybrid. He received a wound just above his eye. He almost lost the eye but recovered again.

In 2016, Ted got too excited, jumped off the couch and broke his leg. He was then diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and had his entire front right leg including his scapula amputated. Within days of the amputation he was running around the house as if nothing had happened. In fact, he seemed to get around better with three legs than with four. Four had just been too many.

In 2017, Ted was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, likely due to his cancer. He became gravely ill with a liver and gallbladder infection due to bile backing up into his system from the IBD. He came very close to losing his life at that time because he was too sick to eat due to the high-powered antibiotics he was being given to fight the infection. During this time, he lost 20% of his body weight. In a last-ditch effort, he was surgically fitted with a feeding tube into his neck that pumped food, with the help of a syringe, directly into his stomach. This went on for a month before he fully recovered, and the tube could be removed.

Ted’s journey with cancer and infection lead his parents, Jonathan and Jaymie, to educate themselves about a natural and holistic approach to pet wellness. Ted is thriving thanks to his strictly organic, holistic diet and supplements that support his health. He also receives chiropractic, acupuncture and cold laser treatments to help with skeletal issues due to his amputation. His cancer is in full remission.

Never complaining about all his hardships Ted gives back to the community by doing pet therapy visits with a 94-year-old house bound woman, who had dogs all her life but is now unable to care for them, as well as with the Live Up program, a yearly camp for adults with down syndrome.

His dark, sparkling eyes and inquisitive bird-like behavior charm even the most jaded of folk. In his spare time Ted loves to eat fried eggs.

Ted's Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in honor of Ted. He taught his pet parents so much about what rescue and commitment to pets mean. In his legacy we hope to provide an impact on the pets in our community. Our tax exempt number is 82-5373575. 


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